Jade 4mm Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelet

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Add some eye candy to your wrist with this handmade beaded bracelet.   Looks best when stacked with multiple bracelets, but make it your own.    Wear it with your watch and your other beauties.  Pair with these collections:  Coco, Stella, Allee, Allee Multi ColoredMargot, Sadie, Annie, Jen Bailey 

  • Handmade
  • Swarovski Crystal 4mm multi-colored beaded bracelet
  • 14k gold filled 4mm beads
  • 14k rose gold filled 4mm beads
  • sterling silver 4mm beads
  • Bracelet Size: 7"
  • SKU: B129, B130 or B131

Our handmade Bracelets are strung on elastic and should be rolled on and off your wrist.   Due to the nature of being a customized piece, shipping times may vary. 

All measurements are approximate.