About Sasha Grace Designs

Welcome to Sasha Grace Designs.  I am a local jewelry designer in the north suburbs of Chicago.  My passion has always been jewelry and the love of making jewelry.  The best form of a compliment is when your friends and family ask you to make them something special.    Because I shop small and local, the boutique owners noticed my jewelry collections and asked me to do trunk shows for them.  Due to this high demand, Sasha Grace Designs was born.  

I named my company after my daughter Sasha Grace. We both shared a love for creating cool and trendy jewelry.  We started making our designs first by using beads. Even though handmade pieces are more costly and take more time, the materials that I use are carefully selected never to disappoint.  Throughout my travels I have met some wonderful designers in which I have collaborated with to bring you even more exciting collections. My website should bring you joy and pleasure while you are browsing and shopping.  I want you to fall in love with Sasha Grace Designs because we are unique, trendy and we always find a cause to contribute to.


#LOVENEVERENDS - in Memory of Alexa Weiss

Written by Sasha Grace (11 years old):  In the summer of 2016 at overnight Camp, I met a really sweet girl named Alexa.  I lived in a cabin with her for four weeks and I really don’t know what I would have done without her.  We had so many great memories together.

Alexa was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was very young.  At camp, I never even knew that she had cancer. She was such an amazing person, and she never let the sickness get in her way.  I am so lucky I was able to share that special summer with her, and it will forever be in my heart. In April 2017, Alexa passed away.  I miss her so much. She will never be forgotten.  

Sasha & Alexa Summer of 2016


Sasha Grace Designs will donate 5% of all sales from September 2018 through December 2019 to “Love Never Ends", the Alexa Rose Foundation.